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If you are paying your premium on monthly installments, then you are most probably paying more than what you should have paid on a yearly basis.

Never furnish any untrue information about your health in your form and always mention in details about your health conditions. If the insurer finds any discrepancies later, your total amount of paid premiums may get forfeited.

In a "Guaranteed issue" the Insurance Company does not require any medical exam of the insured person. These are often termed as "quick issue" or "simplified issue" policies and are more expensive. So, if you are healthy, do not opt for these issues.

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Looking for a Wichita Life insurance company?

"What is a life insurance company?
A life insurance company is a professional service, which traditionally provides insurance protection in the case of accidental or early death.

Why do you look for one?
If you need service from a life insurance company:
» To provide your family with funds if something should happen to you,
» To take care of large expenses like the cost of a home in cases of death,
» To pay for expenses related to death,
» To provide your family with protection should something happen to you,
» For peace of mind your family must have,
then you consider a life insurance company.

Where do you find a good life insurance company?
Insuria will help you to find the best life insurance professional providing comprehensive, and private services. Check our listings to find the best life insurance close to you. Whether a long term policy or a private office, you should prefer a licensed life insurance company."
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